What is Yonder Music?

Yonder Music is a mobile-only digital music streaming service that gives you free access to millions of songs and other content. Download and play unlimited music, commercial-free.

Does everyone get access to Yonder Music?

Yonder Music is exclusive to Celcom subscribers in Malaysia, and access is free to Celcom FIRST Postpaid plans as well as selected Postpaid plans in the Celcom network. For Prepaid customers, you will enjoy access on our app as long as you have an active XPAX mobile internet data plan attached to your number.
Not sure if you are eligible for Yonder or not? Drop us an email at help@yondermusic.com or message us on Facebook with your mobile number and we will check for you.

In which countries is Yonder Music available?

Access to Yonder Music is exclusive to these network carriers:

  • Celcom subscribers in Malaysia, who are on a Yonder-eligible Postpaid or Prepaid plan
  • XL and Axis subscribers in Indonesia, who are on a Yonder-eligible Postpaid or Prepaid plan
  • Robi and Airtel subscribers in Bangladesh, who are on a Yonder-eligible Postpaid or Prepaid plan
  • Dialog subscribers in Sri Lanka, who are on a Yonder-eligible Postpaid or Prepaid plan
  • NCell subscribers in Nepal, who are on a Yonder-eligible Postpaid or Prepaid plan

Yonder Music will be expanding to other territories… so look out, music fans!

How do I get Yonder Music?

Yonder is available for Android and iOS mobile devices at the moment. Head on over to Playstore or Appstore to download the mobile app. You may be able to download Yonder into tablets- however the app was built specifically for mobile.

Is there a desktop version available for Yonder Music?

Nope, Yonder Music is a mobile-only digital music service.

So, the Yonder app can be found on the Playstore and Appstore- does this mean even non-Yonder eligible customers can download and access the app?

Non-Yonder eligible customers who are not on the supported carrier network are still able to download the app. They can launch the app which will take them to our Discovery screen, however they will not have any other access in the app such as playing music or using the Karaoke feature.

When I use Yonder Music via mobile data, will it consume my internet quota?

That’s the beauty of using Yonder Music on a Celcom Yonder-eligible plan! Music streaming is free when you play music on our app and this does not eat into your mobile data. So you don’t have to stinge- simply stream away, all day long! Alternatively, you can listen to music via our service over a stable Wi-Fi connection.

How can I reach out to Yonder?
What does Yonder Music-Hear Forever® mean?

The brand inspiration is a quote by the great Jazz musician Sun Ra.
“On a clear day,
We can stand there and look farther
than the ordinary eye can see"

Which in our context means Hear Forever® and Timeless.

What login methods can I use to sign up for Yonder Music?

Previously, we required for all users to go through a registration process. However with a new release for the Celcom-Yonder app, we have removed registration to make the onboarding seamless. All you need to do is ensure you are on a Celcom carrier network, to have your mobile data on and to accept the Terms and Conditions of the app. Once you bypass this process, you should be able to start using Yonder Music.

Why is the app asking me to switch to my carrier network?

A data connection is required for the initial signup process. Please make sure your device is connected to your carrier network and has an active data plan that supports Yonder. This is only required for the first onboarding process- once you have successfully gone through this process and accept the T&C, you can switch to your Wi-Fi network to stream your music on the app.

I just got into my Yonder app, but after swiping to My Music section I find that all my playlists are missing!

Okie, let’s do some verification here. You may have been logged out and this happens when you have not access the Yonder Music app in a while. Therefore, please ensure you have gone through the onboarding process by signing into the app. Once you are signed in with your Celcom mobile number, your curated playlists from before should populate in your My Music section.

But I am already signed in but everything in the My Music section is empty- including all my saved tracks and playlists.

We truly apologise for the inconvenience. We are gonna try to restore your playlists as soon as we can- please email help@yondermusic.com with the following details:

Mobile Number:

Email/ FB login [that was used before to register on Yonder]:

Missing Playlist Name:

It would help if you can also provide a brief description of the issue you are facing. We hope you can bear with us.

I am on a Yonder-eligible prepaid plan and I have valid data. However, I am getting halted from accessing the app. What gives?

That’s not good, but we can easily get this sorted for you. Drop us an email at help@yondermusic.com with your mobile number and description of your issue OR message/ chat with us on Facebook so we can resolve the issue real quick.

I have a Yonder-eligible plan but I am still getting blocked!

Calm down, we’ll be sure to sort you out ASAP. Let’s do some self-verification here, are you by any chance on a dual SIM device? If you are, it could be the cause that you are getting blocked. You can easily troubleshoot this by ensuring that your Yonder-eligible carrier SIM is on the SIM slot that your data reads from. Example: If you have set the preference on your phone settings that your data should read from SIM 1, then you would need your Yonder-eligible carrier SIM to be placed in that slot.
If this does not rectify your problem or if you are not running on a dual SIM device, please buzz us at help@yondermusic.com or PM us on our Facebook page so we can assist immediately.

I reside in a Yonder-supported region, however my Playstore/ Appstore is saying that the app is not available in my country. What gives?

Not to worry, we got you covered! We suspect your store region for your account is set to another country. Therefore, you would need to ensure that you change the country of origin to your home region. You may follow the steps below for the respective stores:

For Android users

  1. Sign into your Google Payments account at payments.google.com and click the Settings icon in the top corner.
  2. Click Edit next to the "Home Address" listed and update the address (please note this is different from the "Address Book" which holds shipping addresses).
  3. Open Google PlayStore app and navigate to any item available for download.
  4. Click to begin a download until you reach the "Accept and Buy" screen (no need to complete the purchase)
  5. Close PlayStore, force stop and then clear data for the Google PlayStore application (Settings > Apps > Google Play Store > Force Stop then Clear Data) or clear your browser cache
  6. Re-open PlayStore. You should now see the PlayStore that matches your default payment method’s billing country.

Note that if you don't immediately see the PlayStore that matches your default payment method's billing country, it may take a few hours for this to take effect. If you haven't yet added a payment method to your account for the first time, add a card directly from the PlayStore with a billing address that matches your intended country location. Then, follow steps 3 through 6 to show your intended country's PlayStore.

For iOS users

  1. On your device, tap Settings > iTunes & App Store.
  2. Tap your Apple ID.
  3. If you're not signed in, sign in with the Apple ID and password that you use with the iTunes Store.
  4. Tap View Apple ID.
  5. If prompted, enter your password again.
  6. Tap Country/Region and select your current country
  7. Tap Next.
  8. Review the Terms and Conditions and Apple Privacy Policy, then tap Agree if you agree to the terms and conditions.
  9. In the prompt that appears, tap Agree.
  10. Select a payment method and enter your payment information.
  11. Enter your billing address and tap Next.
  12. Your Apple ID country or region updates for all of your Apple services on all of your Apple products.
I am traveling out of my country soon. Will I have access to all music and playlist during my travels?

Provided you're on a valid plan, you may travel out of country with Yonder Music for up to seven days. After which you will receive an ‘Out of Region’ notification that requires you to connect with your regional/country network to be able to access Yonder Music again.
Please note that due to our music licensing agreements that are country/region specific, not all songs may be available for your enjoyment during your travels. Music licensing agreements are region specific and based on your device’s Geo-IP location, we are able to populate your music library accordingly. This feature also helps us track plays at our end based on regions to ensure that artists are paid fairly.

I just selected a song to play but it won’t play. Instead another track is playing although I did not choose that track to play. What’s wrong?

It’s possible that your network connection is poor or either that you are in offline mode. First thing to do is to make sure that you are online, connected to a stable Wi-Fi service or on an active mobile data plan. To mitigate this issue in future, do choose to Download your music so you can listen while you are offline.

What connection do I need to play music on my phone?

You need at least a 3G connection to play music on Yonder, or you can switch to a strong Wi-Fi network to use the app. If there is no network connectivity, the app will automatically go into Offline mode. However, your downloaded songs and albums will still be accessible if you are offline.
You might also wanna take note that while streaming on Yonder doesn’t consume your data quota, if your mobile internet is throttled, this might lead to a poor experience on the app. Therefore, you would need to top up/ max up your data to get yourself out of that throttle speed- you can easily manage this via the Celcom or XPAX mobile app or dial *118# on your phone.

Why do tracks sometimes fast forward and skip when I hit play?

This could be a result of the track(s) not downloaded correctly while you were online due to low bandwidth connectivity.

While you’re Online try the below:

  1. Hit track context menu -> select Remove Download.
  2. Now hit “Play” on that just removed track. It should now play smoothly.
Why are some tracks displayed in a lighter shade of grey in the app?

This is because the track or album is not available in your country as our music licensing agreements are country/region specific.

What’s the Discovery screen?

When you launch Yonder Music, you will be taken to our Discovery screen where you will find various playlists, new releases, featured artists and their albums and so much more! You can even check out what songs you can karaoke to by scrolling down the app and clicking on our curated karaoke playlist.

What is the Search and Browse screen?

Swiping to this section allows you to discover the perfect music for every moment! If you already know what you’re looking for- type in your search criteria, then sit back and relax while the app populates search results. You can explore different Genres- according to your mood at the time of playback as well as find playlists for every occasion, and so much more.
Yonder Music gives users’ access to millions of songs to download and stream. Hundreds of albums and artists are added to Yonder regularly. However, due to the nature of music licensing and exclusivity agreements, not all artists, albums and tracks may be available on app. Nonetheless you can still write to us at help@yondermusic.com or reach out to us on Facebook to let us know your music wish list. Our support team will take that request up to the relevant folks and hopefully you will see your favourite tracks or artists in the app. We can’t guarantee that we can get the tracks you are looking for… but we’ll do our best!

What is the My Music section all about?

This sanctuary is like your profile section. Songs, artists and albums that you have saved/ downloaded, as well as playlists you follow are populated here- you can manage your preferences as well. For instance, if you choose to delete your created playlist, remove songs from your library or unfollow Artists, you can easily do all that here.

What’s this microphone icon that I see in My Music section?

There is a new brand new feature we are introducing in Yonder Version 2: SNAP KARAOKE! Basically, you can perform and record your Snap Karaoke videos and save them in your My Music section.

Tell me more about Snap Karaoke!

The latest Yonder addition will definitely get our music fans excited. This is where you get to sing your heart out and record your versions of your favourite songs- all you would need are earphones with a functioning mic and your phone camera. No more having to go out for Karaoke Night, you can easily enjoy a fun, singing experience from the comfort of your own home with Snap Karaoke!

That’s great, and I’m ready to get started with my first Snap. But I don’t see the Snap function for the song that I want to karaoke to.

Our team is still working to expand our library of songs, which is why not all the music you find on our app can be karaoke-d to. For now, you can kick start your karaoke journey by heading over to our curated karaoke playlists for your karaoke options.

How do I record a Snap Karaoke video?
  1. Find a song you can sing from the ASL Snap Competition playlist
  2. Once you click on the track, there will be an icon with a microphone on it- tap on that [you may be prompted to allow the app to access the Camera and Microphone of your device, therefore please enable that option]
  3. The song will load and once ready, you will see lyrics for the song, a progress bar and the camera at the moment
  4. On the progress bar, tap on the Start Point Scrubber and drag it to the starting point of your choice [the lyrics will also follow the point you have moved it to]
  5. If you’re ready, tap on the microphone icon at the bottom to sing and record your Snap
What is that icon on the right that looks like a clock with the number 4 on it?

That is the countdown timer option. Clicking on it will enable it and when you tap to start your Snap, it will count from 4 to 1 before starting from your pause point.

Can I pause my Snap Karaoke video in the middle of the song?

Of course, you will find the Pause button at the bottom of the video during your video performance.

Is there an option to Redo my Snap Karaoke video?

Yes, you will find that option on the left side of the video after you have completed the karaoke or if you paused the performance.

How come I don’t see the submit button [tick icon] after I recorded my Snap?

That’s because your karaoke video does not meet the minimum length requirement, which is 15 seconds. You’ll need to continue your performance or redo another Snap to hit the minimum requirement before submission. Also do note that you are only allowed to upload a Snap that is less than 30 seconds, you can trim your video by clicking on the scissors icon after submitting your video.

How do I create a playlist?

To add a track to your playlist, click on the Context menu next to the relevant track (three dots next to track and click Add to Playlist > Playlist Name > Create.

I’m ready to build my very own Music library! Where do I begin?

That’s easy! Just search for the artists you want to listen to and tap to follow the Artist [add contact icon]. You can also view the artists’ albums and tap the disc icon to save the album/ track or click the cloud icon to download the album/ track.
You can also use the Context icon [three dots] to view what your options are.

How do I unfollow an Artist in the app?
  1. Go to your My Music section [Profile]
  2. Swipe to the Artist section
  3. Tap into the Artist’s profile and click on the Context [three dots] icon
  4. When the menu collapses open, choose to Unfollow Artist
Great, what about removing the songs I initially downloaded or saved?

It’s the same procedure, but tap on the Context menu on the track or album and select to Remove from My Music or Remove Download.

Is there an option to listen in Offline Mode?

For sure! You can take your music everywhere you go by downloading your music to the app so it’s available to play even without an internet connection. Do note that Saved tracks [with disc icon] are not available for Offline listening, therefore you would need to click on the Download option instead. For the best offline listening experience, we suggest our users create playlists, subscribe to other playlists and download albums while ONLINE to build a vast offline library.
Tip: You automatically enter Offline Mode any time you lose your internet connection.

Where do I find settings in Yonder Music?
  1. Go to your My Music section
  2. You will find the Settings gear icon on the right
  3. Tap on that, and Voila!
Can I really download all the music I want to my device?

Of course! You can download all the music you want to your device, provided your device has sufficient storage.

What exactly is stored temporarily and permanently on my device?

Music that you have saved [disc icon] to your My Music but have not downloaded is temporarily stored to your device. While music you chose to download [cloud icon] will be stored permanently to your device.

If I sign out will I lose my playlists?

No. Signing out will not affect your playlists. Should you decide to logout, you will have complete access to all your playlists when you sign back in. Yonder Music stores all your music in the cloud and allows anytime access at your convenience.

So, all of the content in Yonder Music is legal?

Yes, all content within Yonder Music is 100% legal. We have secured all the necessary and required rights for every song within Yonder Music, so you can enjoy all the music you want with a free conscience.

If Yonder Music is free for all users, how are artists paid for their music plays within Yonder Music?

Yonder pools all the license fees it receives and pays out 75% of revenues to artists and composers (labels and publishers) in direct proportion to their plays (market share). Yonder Music is all about fair play. Artists are paid for each and every play of their song in Yonder Music.

I noticed a spelling error in an artist’s name in the app/ one of the tracks is not the correct song- who can I reach out to?

Thanks for bringing this up! Do send an email to help@yondermusic.com to tell us which songs/ albums is not playing right. Or if there is an issue with the song itself. Let us know what is the problem with the track and we’ll get the request to our content team so we can get the correct file ingested on the app.

I am a local singer, and I have my very own releases. Is there a possibility to have my music uploaded in the app?

You can write to help@yondermusic.com with your full name, contact details and your requests. We will collect and furnish the info to the country teams and if there is an opportunity, they will reach out to you for sure!





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